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Planning for an adventure; then you need to stay in shape! Why not walk-in, call or book for an appointment with our Travel Health Advisor about your travel vaccinations?

You need to plan for your jabs four to six weeks before you travel and our Travel Health Advisor will make sure you get the recommended vaccines for the countries you plan to visit.

Remember the vaccines need enough time to become effective and even more time if any vaccines require more than one dose.



Whatever vaccinations you require, whether you are travelling or simply require immunisation we are here to help. Simply walk-in, call us or book an appointment online as a time to suit you.

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Corporate Vaccinations

We can help you manage health risks through advice and necessary protection for your employees traveling abroad. Wherever in the World you have business dealings you can be sure Pharmacia Naturale can help. “We offer excellent discounts for businesses and corporates”

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“The one stop Shop for all your travel needs”

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Travelling to a destination where the time difference is greater than three hours? There’s a possibility you will get jet lag. This is because your body clock is designed for a regular rhythm of daylight and darkness. If you fly a long way your body clock is disturbed and can take several days for it to re-adjust. There are treatments that can help you overcome this re-adjustment period quicker.

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Malaria & Antimalarials

Malaria is spread by Infected Mosquitoes in most tropical regions. It is a serious illness often leading to high fevers, migraines and other flu like symptoms and in severe cases, can be fatal. There are no vaccinations, so we highly recommended that you take malaria tablets if you are travelling to an area at risk.

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Diarrhoea & Anti-Sickness

Diarrhoea can upset your rhythm, especially when you are on holiday. Diarrhoea is the most common health condition suffered by British tourists when abroad.

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From travel sizes, to insect repellents, water purification tablets, sun screens to probiotics, travel sickness medication and jetlag remedies, at Petters you will find everything you need for you and your family before jetting off on your adventure.